Weekly Services

The Abbey offers Holy Communion at various times during the week and other services and events are offered and maybe found on this website. If you haven’t been to church for a while, do come along and experience the worship of the Abbey and meet others who gather together to worship God.

Previously Asked Questions

Question: I haven’t been to church before; I’m worried about what to do?

Any church and particularly one the size of Selby Abbey can seem rather daunting and intimidating the first time you enter. Worship can also seem a bit of a mystery with the priest’s in elaborate robes, music booming from an organ and strange words being said. At the Abbey, however, we try to make all our services very easy to follow and understand. Everything is contained in a booklet so you don’t need to bother about hymn books, service sheets, notices etc! Why not join us at 10:00am on Sunday and just see what it’s like? The clergy will be very happy to talk with you after the service over a cup of tea or coffee. 

Question: I know I’m not perfect, can I go to church?

Of course you can! The church is not a ‘school for saints’, but rather a ‘hospital for sinners’. We are all enfolded in the love of God and He wants what is best for each and every one of us. The church allows us to acknowledge our faults and failings, to receive God’s forgiveness and to move on in our lives. Going to church can be the first acknowledgment of our need for God in our lives.