St Germain Window

The St Germain window in the North Transept of Selby Abbey is one of the most spectacular and impressive stained glass in the Abbey. It contains 46 scenes from the life and legend of the saint, to whom, with Our Lord and St Mary, the Abbey was dedicated.

It was formerly filled with medieval glass, for which in 1631 a sum of £12,000 was offered in order that it might be taken to Continental Europe. However, the offer was refused, and then, alas, during the Commonwealth the glass was destroyed, a small portion only being left, which is now the bottom fragment of the middle light of the sixth window in the North Choir Aisle.

From that time until 1914 the window had plain, white glass in, but in 1914 the present glass was inserted by Miss Standering in honour of her parents. It is a Germanus Window, the only one of its kind in the world.