Selby Abbey is by no means a ‘Sunday only’ place of worship. We have a regular pattern of services that take place throughout the week, as well as conducting baptisms, weddings and funerals.

The Abbey is open for people to visit and find a quiet place to think or pray. We have staff who can be available to you throughout the day and answer your questions or provide you with the means to find further support with one of the Abbey clergy. Explore the links below for further information about our weekly services and find ways how you can become a part of our daily life here at Selby Abbey.


All those who live within the ecclesiastical parish of the Abbey are entitled to be baptised in the Abbey. If you wish to know if you live within the parish boundaries, please call into the Abbey office and check with the staff.


Those who live within the parish boundaries or have a connection with the parish or are on the electoral roll of the church are entitled to be married here. Please check with the Vicar if you have any queries.

Weekly Services

The Abbey offers Holy Communion at various times during the week and other services and events are offered and maybe found on this website. If you haven’t been to church for a while, do come along and experience the worship of the Abbey and meet others who gather together to worship God.